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I recently received by way of an actual letter, a review of my latest book, “To Light a New Fire”, from an old and dear friend.

I recently received by way of an actual letter, a review of my latest book, “To Light a New Fire”, from an old and dear friend. Her review touched me in a way that no other has. With her permission, I would like to share it with you.

“Dear Nick,

I have just finished reading “To Light a New Fire. I am so glad you sent me a copy, thank you again.

BRAVO!! How wonderful that you were inspired to write this story. As I was reading it, I kept thinking how much more history I would have learned in school if the lessons had been fashioned more along this venue. I also kept thinking how very exciting it must have been for you to go on such a journey of discovery with all the research you did and, most of all, finding a factual history of real individuals, places, and events.

For many years I have regretted with passion, the fate of the Indians of North America. I never found any arrowheads but as a child, I played “cowboys and Indians” and I was always an Indian. It was thrilling to learn a little more about Florida history and especially something of the Timucua.

Lastly, we are in “Ma Eros Hiri”. I think of it every single day. For you, it was the perfect time in your life to have written this book. You are fortunate indeed to have a loving, extended family. I will always remember your mother and father with much affection. They were good people. So, your roots are showing.

With love and best regards,


By the way, “Ma Eros Hiri”, when translated from the Timucua language means, “The Quick Years”, and are they ever!

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